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19 May

Hello world!

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16 May

Tips on Working While Studying

Posted in Study on 16.05.14 by Merlyn

Working While StudyingIn fact, some people especially for those who come from modest families are reluctant to continue to pursue college. Yes, they think that they will not be able to pay the tuition fees will be more expensive each year.

When in fact there are many ways you can do to still be able to study at any kuliah di Australia, USA, or other countries though came from a simple family. How? You do this by looking for scholarships offered by the university.

Other than that, the other way you can do to be able to deal with the high cost of college is to work while in college. With a record, you have to be very clever to split time between college and work. Do not let the work is not up to college are also neglected. How the hell do I set the time to work while in college? Check out some of the simple tips below.

Take advantage of the weekends or holidays

In order to maximize your work and lecture you on track, make sure you make the most out of time over the weekend or on a holiday from the moment you your job. Rather than take advantage of your weekend with a useless thing you better learn the course material itself or together with college friends. If it is possible, you can course the subjects who did not really like to understand and master.

Be more flexible

It is no less important are sure to be more flexible. In a sense, when you are at work more optimally be sure to work and focus on your work. When you are on campus be sure to focus on the focus of lecture and learning. Do not ever confuse the work and lectures, okay.

Establish good relationships with friends

To be able to smooth out between career and education, make sure you intertwine relationships with college friends or coworkers. The assumption, when you have a good relationship with your college friends can help by asking them to tell the task, schedule changes, or other information. You can ask for help with a co-worker if you have a good relationship with them.

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03 Jan

Fail to Drive More Customers? Evaluate Your Site

Posted in Business on 03.01.14 by Merlyn

potential customersDo you already do many marketing campaigns, but you still fail to drive more customers? If you do, check your site position first. If your site is in second page of SERP, optimize it by using SEO services as soon as possible. In contrast, if your site already appears on top spot, but your sales rate is still low, evaluate your site soon. Do you know what to do? If you don’t, follow these:

Check web loading time. If your website loading time runs slowly, you have to resize pictures, remove irrelevant videos, and replace current web hosting with new one. You need to know that most internet users don’t like visiting websites which load slowly, because they can waste time.

Pay attention to your design. Put yourself as an internet user and look whether you feel confused of navigating at your site. If your web design is bad, ask for help from professional and trustworthy web designers. If now, you look for the right web designers in Melbourne, contact Papdan which offers high quality web design Melbourne services.

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19 Dec

Room Types at Hotel Novotel Lampung

Posted in Hotel on 19.12.13 by Merlyn

novotel lampung roomHotel Novotel Lampung is a four star hotel that is located at Jalan Gatot Subroto 136, City Center, Bandar Lampung. This luxury hotel provides 233 rooms with many types, such as:

Standard. This 32.80 m2 room is equipped with LCD TV, safety box, minibar, smoke detector, hair dryer, phone, coffee maker, desk, satellite TV, Wi-Fi, shower, air conditioning, and sofa. Rate for his room type is about IDR 650.000 per night.

Superior. This room is wider than standard. Its wide is 35.50 m2. Meanwhile, its facilities are similar to standard room. To stay at this room, guests are required to pay about IDR 800.000 per night.

Penthouse. It is the most luxurious and expensive room type at Hotel Novotel Lampung. The room rate is about IDR 5.500.000 per night. This rate is suitable for facilities that guests can get, such as: premier lounge, free newspaper, dining room, bathtub, Jacuzzi, video cassette recorder, and much more.

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